We dig dig dig in the mind the whole day through
To dig dig dig is what we like to do...
In the mind! In the mind! In the mind!
Where a million diamonds shine!

Research interests

My research focuses mostly on the influence of affect on cognitive processes and neural substrates of language understanding and, secondarily, decision-making.

In the last three years I have focused my research on the process of integration of incoming linguistic information with prior context, which is one of the basic components of discourse comprehension. I am examining three factors that influence integration and determine whether incoming information is perceived as coherent with preceding context. These are: the cognitive process used, the amount of contextual information taken into account during integration, and the affective state of the person who listens or reads. My current research examines how cortical regions that integrate linguistic stimuli are modulated by these factors. It also investigates whether other brain systems interact with activity in regions associated with language comprehension. I use EEG, fMRI, and behavioral measures of investigation.

I am also interested in processes of action control (e.g., self-control, goals and their relations to choices, attentional biases) and cognitive biases (e.g., anchoring, gambling fallacy), although right now projects on these topics are on the back burner.

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Last updated September 2014